Why Do We Love Halloween So Much?

What is it about Halloween that gets people so excited? It used to just be a time for kids to go around collecting candy and dressing up like little monsters. However, Halloween has expanded well beyond that and become a time of year that every age group seems to relish.

So, just what is it about Halloween that has made this time of year so special, while other occasions, like Easter, remain firmly in the kiddie camp?


Parties are usually fun anyway, but Halloween parties are a blast! If you love wearing cool costumes, Halloween parties provide the ultimate excuse. Scary, funny, silly, sexy…you name it! Kids’ parties have many opportunities for fun, and the adult ones are pretty good, too. Horror and sex are a common combination in movies and at Halloween parties as well, so expect to see sexy vampires, zombies, and creatures of all persuasions.

Don’t even get us started about the food! Cake, candy, chocolate, pumpkin pie!

Being “Evil” for a Day

Many of us are happy to obey the law and do our best to respect others. Halloween gives us a chance to put that aside for one day and pretend to be monstrous! Or mysterious. Or just plain irresponsible. Pretend can be fun, even for grown-ups, and Halloween gives us all a chance to really change our identity. Your dark side can be on display for a change.

You Can Be Scary

Along with being mysterious, you can also be downright chilling! Halloween is a great time to try and be scary, which for most people is 100% removed from their usual day-to-day persona. You can even fill your home (and property) with ghosts, ghouls, zombies, black cats…any decorations that you think might raise a chill. Indulge your creativity and create an atmosphere of terror at home!