Why Do People Think That Movie Theatres are Their Living Room?

I started to notice it in the early 2000’s. Instead of watching the screen, I noticed people with their flip phones open pressing the buttons. At the time, I did not have one and did not know about texting, so I was perplexed at what they were doing. I soon learned the hard way, when one sat right next to me doing it. I let them know my feelings and they immediately stopped.

However, as the decade wore on, I encountered this more and more and some people were less than accommodating about turning off their phone so I could enjoy the movie. While talking during movies is not a new phenomenon, people also began to be more brazen about it. At times, I wondered if they were honestly confused about the fact that they were in a public space versus their own living room. They honestly seemed to have forgotten the difference.

If you are one of those people who like to talk and/or text in movie theatres, please just stop. You may not think you are disturbing people, but trust me you are. Take it out into the lobby next time.

Should you feel you cannot stop because you simply cannot do without your phone for two hours, please either leave it at home or just wait until the movie hits video on demand. You may be used to the additional noise and light shining in the darkness, but trust me, not all of us are. These are unwelcome distractions from the enjoyable immersion that a movie offers. I do not want to think about your instant messaging when I am watching the intricate world set up in BLADE RUNNER 2049.

Please… just think about others for a couple of hours. It won’t kill you. In fact, you will probably enjoy the movie more.