Should I Put in a Fire Pit?

There is something about camp fires. Even people who don’t like the camping experience will often talk fondly about the time they spent sitting around the fire. It is a great place to have lengthy, fulfilling conversations and almost everyone enjoys roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Maybe it is because of some primordial connection to our ancient ancestors, but warming ourselves by an outdoor flame and also using it to cook just seem like basic activities for a human being.

Fire pits are a way you can enjoy this in your own backyard. They are quite inexpensive to build and can provide a wonderful place for you to finish off an evening with friends and family.

Fire pits can be permanent or portable; for our purposes, we will stick to the former. When choosing your stones, make sure to pick ones that can withstand the heat. Some stones will eventually splinter when subjected to such heat on a regular basis.

You can also choose between gas and wood. The former is convenient, but somehow not as traditional and welcoming. The downside is that you will need a good supply of firewood.

Check your local regulations when it comes to where you can place the fire pit. It must be a certain distance from your own home and that belonging to your neighbour(s). It just makes sense; sparks can sometimes travel on the wind and the last thing you want is for a roof to catch fire. Avoid pine and cedar as they tend to produce sparks.

It is also a good idea to have some outdoor lighting near the pit. The fire may be bright, but the area around it will remain dark. You don’t want people tripping and hurting themselves while on their way to or from the pit.

Remember to be patient when starting your fire. Never use flammable liquids!