Relaxation is Important for Everyone

Are you the type of person who feels like you are always running a mile a minute? Modern life can be very fast-paced and unrelenting at times. Responsibilities pile up: work, children, extended family…it can often seem like there are no hours left in the day to do anything other than finish what needs to be done.

Such a pace and lifestyle can inevitably take a toll on a person. Humans weren’t designed to have such a frenetic life for extended periods. We all need to have some downtime in which we can recharge.

Do you find yourself never having enough time to relax? If this will help motivate you: it has important health benefits!

Accelerated Aging

You may be getting things done, but it might also be costing you your youth. Lack of adequate relaxation causes aging on a cellular level; relaxing helps to slow aging.

Heart Health

Constant stress and lack of relaxation often leads to high blood pressure, which is bad for your heart.

Mental Health

Our brains need to relax and re-charge. If are frequently on the go, or in a near-constant state of worry, you are more likely to develop debilitating conditions like anxiety disorder and depression.

Tension Headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? There can be a number of reasons for this, but inadequate amounts of relaxation can also play a part.


Do you find your stomach to be “tied in knots”? This is usually the result of stress and anxiety. Medication can help, but it is better to simply learn relaxation techniques that will allow you to calm down and feel better.


Can’t sleep? Lie in bed tossing and turning with your mind constantly turned on? Inadequate sleep is detrimental to your health and daily performance; relaxation can help to lull both mind and body into a state where you can get the quality sleep we all need.