Picking the Right Birthday Gifts for Your Parents

Are you the type of person who dreads birthdays? Not your own, but other people’s birthdays? Yes? Is it because you find it so difficult to choose the right presents?

Some people put very little thought into the gifts they buy, while others agonize over their decision because they consider birthdays to be a special occasion and they don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Choosing gifts for your parents can be daunting. If you don’t have a lot of time to be with them these days, it can be tough to know what to get. Also, they are your parents, not the guy down the hall at work you speak to once a week, so this matters.

Out of ideas? It’s tough to go wrong with any of these:


Have some nice photos that you think your parents would like? Have good quality prints made and framed. If you have children, we have yet to hear of any grandparents who are upset to receive pics of their grand kids.

Sound Machines for Sleeping

The older we get, the less quality sleep we seem to get. Have your parents found it helpful to have soothing sounds playing on their phone or stereo while trying to sleep? Sound machines perform the same function, but with far more options. They can also be easily taken on vacation.

Smartphone/Car Battery

Everyone’s phone is constantly running out of juice, so portable batteries are in demand and not that unique. However, there are now some on the market that can actually jump start your car should the need arise. A perfect addition to anyone’s car kit.

Voice Assistants

Depending on how tech-oriented your parents are, a Google Home or Amazon Echo can be a wonderful present for their home. Then again, even if they aren’t, you can hook one up and then let the system deal with their needs going forward. Beats getting that call where you have to explain which cord goes where.