Is Your Cat Always Stressed Out? These Steps Can Help

Cats are known to be a bit jumpy and skittish at times, but some kitties suffer from the feline equivalent of anxiety disorder. This can make them less than ideal pets and it is also not good for their overall health.

Is your cat constantly anxious about seemingly everything? The following steps might help to calm him down.

Make a Vet Appointment

Sometimes these changes in behavior are the result of a health condition that is making the cat feel ill or otherwise uncomfortable. Sometimes this manifests in such signs as loose stools or urinating outside the litter box. Others can only be detected by a trained veterinary technician, so play it safe and bring your cat in for a check-up.

If the vet cannot find a physical reason for your cat’s condition, she might prescribe an anti-anxiety medication suitable for your cat’s health and current mental state.

Remove Fleas

It is easy to sympathize with a pet in this situation. How would you like it if fleas were constantly biting you? We’re guessing you would be pretty stressed out.

Examine your cat to detect evidence of fleas. If you find some, make an appointment with your vet for recommendations on the most suitable treatment. You will also need to thoroughly vacuum and clean, as well as using a flea powder.

Minimize Loud Noises

If you like loud music or playing movies with the volume cranked, that can be quite distressing to cats, thanks to their excellent hearing. Try to keep it down a bit. Noisy, prolonged arguments can also be a problem, so try and talk things out instead.


If you have an indoor cat, a lack of exercise and stimulation can make them skittish. Be sure to play with your cat regularly, and try to engage with him in ways that help to keep him moving. Having a bird feeder or fish tank can also create engaging distractions.