How to Overcome Shyness

No two people are alike and that includes personality types. Some people are naturally outgoing and can talk quite easily to strangers, while others are more withdrawn and have trouble socializing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being shy, but shyness is still often seen as a burden that people want to overcome.

Are you shy and do you have trouble talking to people and making new friends? Here are some tips you can try to overcome your shyness:

Don’t Advertise Being Shy

You don’t have to walk into a room and say, “I’m shy.” Chances are, unless you say that, no one will come to this conclusion immediately. If you see someone who looks interesting, consider striking up a conversation. Think about a subject that the two of you might have in common as that helps to break the ice. However, if you don’t feel like talking to anyone at the moment, wait a bit and see if that changes.

Ignore Your Inner Critic

Shy people often have an inner voice that impedes their progress by telling them that they should avoid certain people and situations. That causes the shy person not to take chances and they will avoid talking to certain individuals even though they do not necessarily know that the conversation might go badly.

The next time this happens to you, ignore that voice and try to strike up a conversation. If it goes well, think about what you did that made the difference and try this approach again with someone else.

Don’t be Discouraged

Even if your encounter went badly, don’t give up. The most outgoing people in the world have bad conversations and don’t always say the right things. This doesn’t bother them because they know that, at the end of the day, it’s not that important.