Here’s How You Can Lower That Electric Bill

Tired of your sky high electric bill? We’re sure that you are. In fact, we have never met anyone who is happy about their electric charges. The Ontario government recently took steps to help ease the pain caused by the province’s excessive hydro costs, but our power needs still take a big bite each month.

It is up to the individual consumer to find ways to use less power and decrease their monthly hydro expenses. Here are a few tips that can help:

Watch Your Air Conditioner Settings

Do you really need the air conditioner on for that long and at that low of a temperature? Try adjusting it a bit upwards. Also, close your curtains and perform other measures that can help to keep the temperature down cost free. A little extra planning and a little extra “discomfort” can end up saving you a fair bit in the long run.

Laundry Costs

Don’t run your washer or dryer until you have a full load. Also, wash your clothes in cold water. You will be surprised what a difference that can make to a process that already uses a lot of power.

Observe Power Conservation Times

Most power companies have the day divided into sections where power consumption is higher, hence a higher charge for the user. Try and schedule as much of your heavy power use as possible to occur in the evenings (usually after 8PM) so as to reduce your costs.

Unplug Things

Did you know that battery chargers, charging bases, TVs, and other electronic devices continue to use power when plugged in, even if you are not using them? It’s true, so take the time to unplug them when they are not in use. You can make this process easier by using a plug bar with an On/Off switch.