Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

There have been some terrible fire tragedies in the news lately. In some cases, it was the fault of the building materials or other factors beyond the control of the residents. However, many fires result from situations or neglect inside the home that could have been avoided through due diligence.

Here are some fire safety tips for your own home. Take a few minutes to read the following and make any changes needed to help ensure the safety of everyone involved:

  • Smoke detectors. Make sure you have smoke detectors outside of each bedroom and on each level of the home (that includes the basement and attic). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing and cleaning the device. Check the batteries at least once a month and replace the unit every 5-10 years.
  • Fire extinguishers. These are a safety asset for any home. Make sure to buy one that has been approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Also, choose a size that you can easily carry. The number on the unit indicates the amount of fire you can put out (the higher the number, the greater the amount).
  • Power cords. Make sure that cords are in good working order. Frayed cords can give a person a shock, and can also start fires. Also, make sure that any cords connected to devices that can cause harm or start a fire are not within the reach of children. Never break off the third prong of a plug so that it will fit an old outlet. Do not place extension cords under rugs or behind baseboards. Unplug any heat producing products when not in use.
  • Safe use of electrical products. Do not place heat-producing products near flammable materials. Make sure that lampshades are not too close to light bulbs. Never leave any cooking appliances unattended. Do not bring laptops or smartphones to bed with you because they contain lithium batteries that have the potential to ignite.