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George Washington chose that eight years were enough for any male to be President of the United States; he said that he desired the nation to acknowledge that the President of the United States was not an irreversible lifetime position. This opened the door for someone else to be chosen. John Adams was therefore chosen president.

Due to the fact that of Adams’ excellent contributions during the Revolutionary War as a Statesman, he had actually secured 2 terms as George Washington’s vice president. For that reason he appeared the sensible option in 1796 as the second president. Nevertheless, this Presidency produced the very first signs that the method presidents were chosen needed to be modified in order for the system to work.

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His term in office was tough to say the least. Thomas Jefferson, his Vice President, was a Democrat-Republican, not a member of the Federalists party to which Adams was a member.

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The Democrat-Republican party ideology was that state’s rights were a priority, and wanted a strict Constitutional analysis. The Federalists thought that a strong central federal government was essential for the unity and protection of the nation. They chose a more lax Constitutional analysis, and believed that the Constitution needs to develop as the country grew.

Hamiltonianism is the political thinks based on Alexander Hamilton’s opinion of what a government need to be like. The beliefs are based upon a strong central government, motivation of a industrial and industrial economy and a basic suspect of the political capacity or knowledge of the commoner. The beliefs also include a broad interpretation of the federal constitution.

Hamilton cared about a strong central federal government, encouragement of a industrial and commercial economy and a basic distrust of the political capability or knowledge of the common man. Jefferson was famous as a champion of political and spiritual freedom, yet he was a slaveholder.

On November 1, 1800, a couple of days before the election, Adams used up residency in the White House as its first inhabitant. He wouldn’t remain there long, because Alexander Hamilton’s opposition to Adams divided their political party. Thomas Jefferson beat Adams in that election by just a couple of electoral votes. After leaving workplace, Adams retired to his home in Quincy, Massachusetts with his other half Abigail.