Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

According to the City’s 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County and Public Schools has actually been ranked as the third top employer, offering work to around 19,692 people.

If a candidate is interested in making an application for a task within the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, then she/he would need to be a legal local of the United States of America; however there are exceptions when it come to public security positions. Interested individuals will certainly be needed to submit an application at the Nashville government website.


Applicants will have to guarantee that they have finished and sent their application by midnight of the date that the task announcement is said to close. The Department of Human resources will then examine the application to see whether the applicant has met the requirements of the task. If an applicant is deemed either qualified or unsuited, an e-mail will be sent to them notifying them of the outcome, and where to report to if they have to take any tests essential to the job.

An applicant that satisfies the criteria for a job announcement will certainly be placed on a list referred to as the eligible list, which will continue to be reliable for at least 6 months. This ends up being necessary in cases where a position is filled by an incapable applicant. Instead of re publishing the task, the company can select applicants from this list.

Applicants from the qualified list will certainly be chosen for an interview by the Human Resources Department with the task vacancy. Based on the associated requirement of the job, other choice processes might be conducted if required. After the Human Resource Department has chosen who to select, all applicants who were interviewed will be informed of whether they were successful.

Government bodies across the board will certainly need a successful applicant to pass a background check. A background check may consist of the investigation into criminal, business and/or financial records. This indicates that a person who has actually remained in trouble with the law or has a bad credit score will certainly have difficulty acquiring a government job based in Nashville.

As soon as a background check has actually been passed, the selected applicant will be thought about an employee. As soon as the employee commences the task, they will certainly be on probation for a duration of 6 (6) months, in cases of unanticipated scenarios, the probation period maybe extended. Throughout the initial 6 months of probation, the employee will certainly not have any entitlements whatsoever under cumulative bargaining contracts.